Walkley Bowling Centre | Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Started November 1st, 2015. All guests at 10:00 PM must be of legal age. 19 and over with proper ID. Ages 16 to 18 must have ID and be accompanied by a person of age.


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613-521-0132   walkleybowl@yahoo.ca

At Walkley Bowling Centre, every day is a great day for family entertainment!

Cosmic Rock
Rock ‘N’ Bowl

Think of it as going to a dance club that you can bowl at. Four nights a week the Centre’s cosmic lighting system kicks in along with lively music for our famous Rock ‘N’ Bowl sessions. We also keep the party rolling on Sunday afternoons, allowing children to enjoy the party as well.

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Group Events
Group Events

Great! You have just been tasked by your supervisor to arrange the next great company event, be it the Holiday party, team building, sales rewards or to announce a new product or the, new corporate direction! We understand, we have hosted them all and more!
Walkley Bowling Centre delivers a great team experience, it is as simple as telling tell us two critial points! What your goals are and what budget you have to work within.

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Fireside Pub
FireSide Pub

With an all new menu, televised major sports events (including an NHL Center Ice package to catch every Ottawa Senators game), and a wide range of draft beer on tap, the Fireside Pub is an excellent venue to relax before, during, or after your bowling games!

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