Walkley Bowling Centre | Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Adult Bowling Leagues

Youth Leagues

So it’s winter, well fall but soon it will be winter. The doctor said you need to get active, at least a little, and you do not like the cold. You do not have a large bankroll to afford a trip south or skis, skates or a fitness membership.

Come indoors, Walkley Bowling has leagues most every night and some afternoons, to suit any skill level, and most are mixed, very social and a lot of fun. They are inexpensive, and even have year end parties. You make new friends and yes you get active without busting a few bones.

We have mixed, social and recreational leagues, just waiting for a fun person like you and your wife, husband, coworker, or older child. There are the Mondinighters, Goodtime Swingers, Mixed Nuts, or PEANUTS, all fun and social.

Pick your night or nights and give us a call.

Call us at (613) 521-0132 for more information!