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Youth Bowling Leagues (Y.B.C.)

Youth Leagues

This winter parents have a choice, hang out with other parents you don’t really like, freezing in a cold arena at 6 am, clutching a cold coffee while your child skates poorly for an hour in $500 worth of equipment- touching the puck maybe once or twice a game.

Or, join YBC (Youth Bowling Canada) at Walkley Lanes- close to home, free parking, no equipment to buy (the shoes and balls are provided), our coffee is hot and good, we even serve breakfast. Best of all –sleep in! Check in is a sweet 9:30 am, and play is not one hour but two! Your child plays three full games (Pee Wee plays two games), supervised by a volunteer coach, so lots of opportunity to cheer! Oh and we are heated, so you’ll not catch the flu!

Oh and it gets better, it is inexpensive –less than $10 bucks a week, there are 50/50 draws, tournaments at each level, weekly prizes and accomplishment prizes, plus they are taught manners!

Even better no stress, there are referees!! No fights and no high sticks!

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Home of the YBC Canadian Champion Junior Boys

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