Walkley Bowling Centre | Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)


** We always consider early or late hours for large groups.

Walkley Open Bowling Hours

Walkley has 30 lanes of all 5 PIN bowling. Each lane can accommodate 6 people and a typical game will last one hour with recreation bowlers. We operate 7 days a week in our busy season between September and May. We reduce hours during the summer- which we call in Ottawa “cottage season”.

Seniors are age 55 and up. Children are 15 and under.

Winter Open Bowling (outside of leagues) is as follows:

Closed. Groups over 30 we will open. Student Night Coming.

Noon – 10 PM
Toonie Tuesday- discounted bowling and food and beverage specials.

9:30 – noon. Open Bowling (small league)- 20 lanes open bowling.
Noon – 3:30. Ladies Senior League. 16 lanes open bowling.
3:30 – 6:30. Open Bowling
6:30 PM- 10 PM. Mixed Adult League. Women Bowling with Wine. 10 lanes open bowling.

9:30 – noon. Open Bowling
Noon – 3:30. Mixed senior league. Legion Bowling. 16 Lanes open bowling.
3::30 to 7:00. Open Bowling
7:00 – 11 PM. Rock N bowl Special $10 PP including shoes- PP plus HST.
Craft Beer Big Lebowski Fun League (teams of 5-6 welcome).

9:30 – noon. Open Bowling
Leagues 12- 3:30 PM
10 lanes of Open Bowling- Reservations Recommended. Minimum 2 Lanes (10 people)
3:30 to 7 PM. Open Bowling
7 PM to 12:00. Rock N Bowl
10 PM- Legal Age Required with ID- close at midnight

Open Bowling 9:30 AM to 7PM
Birthdays Available 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Rock ‘N Bowl starts at 7PM.
7 PM to 1 AM. Two Hour Blocks.
10 PM- Legal Age Required with ID- close at 1:00 AM

Noon to 4:00 – Family Oriented Cosmic (Glow) Bowling with music
Birthdays Available Noon – 5:00 PM

** subject to tournaments and charity fundraisers