Walkley Bowling Centre | Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Regular Rates


Good times to be had!

Having a great time doesn’t have to cost a lot. Enjoy a whole lot of fun, laughs, and entertainment with friends and family at a price anyone can afford. You’re guaranteed to have a great time without spending a lot of money.


Rates are effective September 1, 2013


Bowling Rates:

Number Of Games
Cost Per Person
One (Adults, over 15 years old)
$6.00 (plus HST)
One (Children, 15 years and under)
$4.50 (plus HST)
Children under 4 years of age
Three game special
$14.00 (plus HST)
Bowlers with special needs
$3.50 (plus HST)
$3.00 (plus HST)
Shoe Rental
$3.00 (plus HST)


NEW! Annual Membership Passes – Valid for open bowling for 1 year
$199.00 (plus HST)
$299.00 (plus HST)
$399.00 (plus HST)
Family (up to 6 members)
$499.00 (plus HST)